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We're working to ensure the equal rights of Assyrians are protected, and we need your help to do it. Check out our current calls-to-action below and join the fight for a better future for Assyrians in their homeland.

Support Assyrian Genocide Recognition

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering House Resolution 537 which calls for formal U.S. recognition of the Assyrian Genocide (1914-1925), during which at least 300,000 Assyrians perished at the hands of the Ottoman Turks, and later, the Republic of Turkey. H.Res.537 is the first piece of proposed legislation in U.S. history exclusively focused on recognition of the Assyrian Genocide. View our analysis of H.Res.537 here. Do your part to help support Assyrian Genocide recognition. Call-to-action co-sponsored by the Assyrian American Civic Club of Turlock.

Call for amendments to harmful security policies for the Nineveh Plain

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering House Resolution 259 (H.Res.259), also known as the Security Resolution for Northern Iraq. The security situation in northern Iraq, and the Nineveh Plain in particular, remains unstable and a solution is necessary in order to promote repatriation and protect returning Assyrians, Yazidis, and other vulnerable communities. However, H.Res.259 is deeply problematic and must be amended. To learn more about its problematic policy direction, view our analysis of H.Res.259 here.

Call for the release of a persecuted Iranian-Assyrian family

An Iranian Assyrian family in Iran has received lengthy prison sentences for activities related to the practice of their Christian faith. If imprisoned, they would be prisoners of conscience. Learn more here. Help us overturn the unjust charges! Write to Iranian authorities asking that this innocent family be acquitted of all charges. 

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