We need your voice! Take small actions to advance the rights of Assyrians and help bring about necessary changes to the policies and systems that stand in the way of a future for Assyrians in their homeland. It's never been easier to advocate for Assyrians, wherever you are. 

Send an Email to Support the NPU

Send a pre-written email to your representative using our form to ask them to support measures to authorize U.S. support for the NPU with just a few clicks. If you're outside the U.S., contact your representatives using our pre-written emailAction Time: 2 minutes

Urge Your Reps to Cosponsor H.Res. 143

Send an email asking your representative to cosponsor H.Res. 143 which calls on Congress to recognize the Semele Massacre of 1933 with just a few clicks! Read H.Res. 143 hereAction Time: 2 minutes

DAY 5: Make a $10 Donation to the API

Make a $10 donation today to help defend the rights of Assyrians in the lands they have inhabited for thousands of years. As a community-funded organization, the Assyrian Policy Institute relies on the support of people like you to continue our work. Alternatively, consider making a donation to an Assyrian-led organization working on the ground, such as: Assyrian Aid Society, Shlama Foundation, Etuti Institute, or Assyrians Without BordersAction Time: 3 minutes