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Updates on our policy advocacy work.

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The API Status of Advocacy Report is published biennially to highlight our priority issues and latest in policy advocacy work.

The API is actively engaging U.S. Government officials and representatives to advance policies that align with our policy research agenda. API research, education, and capacity-building efforts do result in opportunities to also help policy-makers better understand policy conditions facing Assyrians in the Middle East and the chance to elaborate on policy solutions published in API reports.

Policy advocacy is a specific form of advocacy, of which there are many. It is the process of taking action, using various strategies, to influence the creation and development of public policy. It makes use of targeted actions aimed at changing policies, positions, programs, and/or funding priorities of the government. Our advocacy reflects our nonpartisan approach as we encourage all policymakers to make issues impacting Assyrians a priority. Specifically, our policy advocacy seeks to:

  • Establish new policies that would create conditions of equality for Assyrians in the countries that form their ancestral homeland

  • Improve existing policies that are intended to aid Assyrians in the Middle East

  • Amend pieces of legislation that negatively impact Assyrians in countries like Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran

In addition to engaging government officials, our approach to advocacy accounts for the need to engage a variety of audiences on our policy priorities, including public awareness campaigns, publishing authoritative reports that provide informed, balanced recommendations, and public speaking engagements.

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