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Day 5: Resisting Cultural Genocide

Often overlooked in the discourse concerning the atrocities committed against Assyrians is the destruction of their cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. The concept of cultural genocide has never been legally defined or codified. While it lacks a clear or accepted definition, it is generally accepted that cultural genocide involves acts and measures undertaken to “destroy nations’ or ethnic groups’ culture through spiritual, national, and cultural destruction.” In the face of ongoing loss and destruction, we're using today to uplift Assyrian creatives whose work combats cultural genocide.

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Tune into our conversation with the ANCA-WR

Watch our live conversation this evening with the ANCA-WR and the AAASC about challenges facing the Assyrian community. The event will be streamed on Facebook live at 8:00pm Eastern Time.


Shine a light on an Assyrian creator

Help shine a light on an Assyrian creator whose work inspires you. Use our Instagram Story template @assyrianpolicy or click below to help us build an inspiring thread on Twitter.

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