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Dear [Representative/Official]:

I'm writing to urge you to advance solutions for sustainable security in the Nineveh Plain in northern Iraq, where Assyrians and other minorities are struggling to recover from the genocide and ethnic cleansing campaign perpetrated by ISIS in 2014. I ask that you ensure that all relevant legislation involving security in Iraq and affects the Nineveh Plain includes mechanisms for the U.S. to support the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU).

More than four years since the liberation of the Nineveh Plain from ISIS control, minimal progress has been made towards long-term stabilization, as the question of security in the Nineveh Plain remains unresolved. The policy of minority self-security within a legal, legitimate structure of authority that is transparent and accountable—successfully exemplified by the NPU—is the only policy proven to facilitate Christian Assyrian return to the Nineveh Plain in significant proportions in the aftermath of ISIS occupation.

Since 2017, USAID has channeled nearly $500 million dollars to ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq through the Iraq Genocide Recovery and Persecution Response Initiative. However, the hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars spent in the Nineveh Plain have failed to meet the program's goal of facilitating the safe return of displaced populations, except in those areas secured by the NPU. The NPU is outperforming both the Iraqi Army and the KRG Peshmerga in facilitating Christian Assyrian return; providing a return on investment of scarce U.S. financial resources for genocide relief and recovery that no other force is providing. This can ensure that moderate populations seeking to enforce the rule of law and human equality have a chance for a future.

Iraq, and more specifically the Nineveh Plain, represents the only hope for a sustainable future that maintains the vital connection of Assyrians to their lands and heritage. Without an urgent solution to critical security and governance issues, the ancient language and culture of the indigenous Assyrians could disappear entirely within the next decade. 

I ask that you meet and coordinate with the Assyrian Policy Institute to advance solutions for sustainable security in the Nineveh Plain. Thank you.


[Your Name]