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The API Webinar Series invites speakers to present information on issues affecting Assyrians in their ancestral lands. The webinars provide opportunities for participants to engage with representatives, experts, scholars, and advocates from all over the world. Join the conversation to learn more about key issues and how you can help support the rights of Assyrians. Registration is required.

Panel Discussion

Lives on Hold: Challenges Facing Assyrian Refugees

Tens of thousands of Assyrians forcibly displaced from their homes in Iraq and Syria are now seeking resettlement in neighboring countries including Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. Assyrian refugees face unique challenges in displacement, and their specific needs often go unaddressed by international actors. Their wait for resettlement is characterized by limited information, uncertainty about their futures, and a growing sense of hopelessness. For many Assyrian refugees, the prolonged state of limbo has made the future difficult to imagine. Protracted displacement and monotonous lifestyles have had a negative impact on the mental health of refugees and may have long-term consequences.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

12:30pm to 2:00pm EST

Dr. Önver Cetrez, Uppsala University

Remel Somo, Activist & Refugee

Reine Hanna, Assyrian Policy Institute

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About the Panelists

Dr. Önver Cetrez

Researcher & Lecturer, Uppsala University

Dr. Önver Cetrez is a senior lecturer and researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden, specializing in the psychology of religion and cultural psychology. He completed his PhD in 2005; his dissertation focused on meaning and ritualization among Assyrian migrants in Sweden. In recent years, Dr. Cetrez has led research projects on forced migration, acculturation, and health among Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Sweden and those transitional spaces with the aim of determining the role of religious and cultural resources and the impact of mental health issues.

Remel Somo

Activist & Refugee from Batnaya, Nineveh Plain

Remel Somo is a Chaldean-Assyrian activist and writer from Batnaya, Nineveh Plain, Iraq. In 2016, he co-founded the Shlomo Organization for Documentation which facilitated documentation projects focused on the impact of genocide in the Nineveh Plain in the aftermath of ISIS. Later that year, Remel and his family sought refuge in Amman, Jordan, where they are currently seeking resettlement, after finding that Batnaya had been reduced to rubble during the conflict.

Past Webinars

JULY 2019

Iraq's Nineveh Plain: Past Lessons, Current Challenges, & Future Prospects

Mayor Basim Bello (Tel Keppe District, Nineveh Plain)

Dr. Michael Youash (Nineveh Plain Defense Fund)

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