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Assyrian Human Rights Activist Meets with U.S. President Donald Trump

On July 17, 2019, Iranian Assyrian human rights activist Dabrina Bet Tamraz was part of a delegation of survivors of religious persecution that met with United States President Donald Trump.

Her father Victor Bet Tamraz, her mother Shamiran Issavi, and her brother Rameil Bet Tamraz face lengthy prison sentences in Iran for charges related to the practice of their Christian faith. Learn more here.

In the meeting with the President, Bet Tamraz asked that the United States help promote religious freedom in Iran and bring awareness to her family's plight.

"Mr. President, I'm part of a Christian minority from Iran; my family [is] being persecuted in Iran...We would appreciate it if you would mention my family but also Christian persecution in Iran in negotiations with or about Iran," she said.

The President responded saying, "I'm going to get the information [about their cases]. I will." See the full clip here.

Bet Tamraz also hand-delivered this letter to the President's Chief of Staff, drawing attention to the challenges facing Assyrians in the various countries that comprise their homeland. The letter was signed by a coalition of organizations that included the Assyrian Aid Society - Iraq, the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, the Assyrian American Association of Southern California, and the Assyrian Policy Institute.

Earlier in the day, Dabrina Bet Tamraz spoke about her experiences at the U.S. State Department Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. Click here to read her full testimony.


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