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API Welcomes Formation of Congressional Assyrian Caucus

The Assyrian Policy Institute welcomes the formation of the Congressional Assyrian Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Chaired by Representative Josh Harder (CA-10), the reconstituted coalition will bring national attention to domestic and international issues of concern to Assyrian-Americans through legislative initiatives.

The Assyrian Caucus will bring together Members of Congress from across the country to keep them engaged on key issues and strengthen coordination to advocate for the priorities of the Assyrian-American community on a bipartisan basis. The caucus will play a critical role in advancing Assyrian-American interests, amplifying the voices of Assyrian-Americans in policy development, and working to meet the United States' moral commitments to Assyrians in the Middle East.

Announcing the formation of the caucus to attendees during the Assyrian National Conference earlier this month, Rep. Harder said, "We're here to be as strong an advocate for Assyrian issues as we can. We're going to get more folks involved to make sure that the Assyrian voice is heard."

Apart from Rep. Josh Harder, founding members of the Assyrian Caucus include Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA-18), the only Assyrian-American presently serving in U.S. Congress, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09), who represents one of the largest Assyrian communities in the U.S.

"Representative Harder is a proven legislative champion of the Assyrian-American community—leading the fight for recognition of the Assyrian Genocide and supporting the full array of our community's policy priorities," said API Director of Advocacy Jamie Bahoura. "We are grateful for his leadership in convening the Congressional Assyrian Caucus, and look forward to working with him and other members to grow caucus membership and advance Assyrian-American priorities across a broad range of policy areas."

The Assyrian Policy Institute strongly advocated for the formation of the Congressional Assyrian Caucus and is committed to coordinating with other community stakeholders to expand caucus membership and promote policies and initiatives that support Assyrian interests. Click here to ask your representative to join the Congressional Assyrian Caucus.


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