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Statement from API Chairman on Assyrian New Year 2022

"Akitu 2022" by Paul Batou

On behalf of the Assyrian Policy Institute, I wish for 6772 to be a year full of health and prosperity for you and your family. I also hope that our communities nationwide and across the globe work together to advance shared priorities for all of us—and for the generations to follow. Only by doing so will we have the best chance to thrive and succeed—together.

I'd like to share some of the exciting things we're working on at the Assyrian Policy Institute as we continue to expand our influence and impact across the United States. We recently helped launch the first-ever statewide caucus on Assyrian issues in the Illinois General Assembly with 18 founding members. We've also been working to help advance measures to establish accredited Assyrian language course offerings for public high schools in Illinois, hoping this can establish a precedent for other key states. Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide remains a priority for our team: At the time of writing, we've helped secure 16 co-sponsors and counting for the Assyrian Genocide Resolution—the highest number of U.S. Representatives to have taken a stand for recognition of the Assyrian Genocide in a legislative term.

We are fully committed to advancing pro-Assyrian policies that will enable security and full equality for Assyrians in their traditional homelands—no matter the obstacles we face. The API is actively engaging U.S. officials and representatives to press for changes to the policies and systems that stand in the way for a future for Assyrians in their homeland. Our research and documentation efforts are ongoing, focusing on key issues affecting Assyrians in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

We're also gearing up for the Assyrian National Conference which will take place in Washington, D.C. from June 9 to 11, 2022. We're excited to highlight stories of strength and resilience and hear from speakers who are doing the work and grappling with the various struggles. We will break down the challenges and frustrations that are a very real part of what it means to be Assyrian today, but we'll focus the bulk of our energy on action, community-building, and generating solutions. Together, we will discuss the strategies and tools it will take to achieve the change we want to see in our communities—and define a new path forward. We hope you will join us.

The threats to our homeland, heritage, and future continue to grow, but so does our ambition and our desire to meet them. We're working to build power through collective advocacy and grassroots organizing. We warmly welcome your ideas, insights, and suggestions now and in the future: Thank you for choosing to be part of our network and helping us advance Assyrian-American priorities nationwide.

Jon Koriel



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