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API Announces Assyrian National Conference 2022 in Washington, D.C.

The Assyrian Policy Institute is pleased to announce the Assyrian National Conference 2022. The in-person event will be held in Washington, D.C. from June 9-11, 2022. The three-day innovative conference seeks to bring Assyrians together to discuss issues pertaining to the Assyrian Diaspora, including the future of Assyrians in the countries that form their traditional homeland. Registration for the Assyrian National Conference 2022 will open later this month.

Through three days of discussions, panels, workshops, networking, advocacy, and brainstorming sessions, attendees from across the country will analyze issues affecting our communities and explore solutions to undertake as a collective. In doing so, attendees will also develop actionable plans that they can implement through their individual capacities in their own lives.

The event will feature guest speakers from around the world and informative sessions designed to explore key themes and Assyrian-centered issues. The goal of the conference is to create a vibrant and productive environment for Assyrian activists, students, young professionals, scholars, organizers, and community members to gather, exchange ideas, and strategize on solutions to the challenges faced by Assyrians today. To this end, the program will include opportunities for engagement and discussion.

“The Assyrian Policy Institute is thrilled to be able to host an in-person conference this year and provide the space for an engaging and innovative experience as we tackle pressing issues facing Assyrians worldwide,” said Jon Koriel, Chairman of the Assyrian Policy Institute. “We’re excited to highlight stories of strength and resilience and hear from speakers who are doing the work and grappling with the various struggles. We will break down the challenges and frustrations that are a very real part of what it means to be Assyrian today, but we’ll focus the bulk of our energy on action, community-building, and generating solutions. Together, we will discuss the strategies and tools it will take to achieve the change we want to see in our communities—and define a new path forward.”

“Delivering an in-person conference in these times is no easy feat, but we are taking steps to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone as we keep important conversations moving forward,” said Stephanie Yousif, Board Member and Chair of the Assyrian National Conference 2022. “Our team has been hard at work designing an immersive program that will allow for meaningful engagement and translate energy into action. And we can’t wait to share it with you all.”

The Assyrian National Conference 2022 is proudly hosted by the Assyrian Policy Institute. Details regarding safety protocols, hotel accommodations, and the opportunities that the 3-day event offers to all attendees will be released in the coming days and weeks. For more information about the Assyrian National Conference and to subscribe for updates via email, visit and follow us @AssyrianPolicy on all platforms.


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