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Announcing New Members to the API Board of Directors

The Assyrian Policy Institute (API) is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to the Board of Directors—Atour Sargon and Ramond Takhsh. Coming from government and civil society, the new board members bring years of experience and leadership to help further the API’s mission. Their addition to the board is crucial as the API continues to scale-up our advocacy work, increase our capacity, and strengthen our impact.

"Our Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals committed to advancing the rights and fundamental freedoms of Assyrians in the countries that form their traditional homeland," said Jon Koriel, Chairman of the Board of Directors. "As the API enters its third year, we are thrilled to welcome Atour and Ramond and channel their talents, expertise, and energies into furthering our mission. These two leaders bring a breadth of knowledge and experience that will further enable us to meet the challenges ahead."

The key purpose of the API’s Board of Directors is to determine and monitor the organization’s activities and projects, to advise on and review strategic plans, and to ensure that the API’s undertakings are aligned with its mission and objectives.

Atour Sargon is a Trustee in the Village of Lincolnwood, the first Assyrian American woman to be elected and serve in this capacity in the State of Illinois.  She was a 2019 delegate for the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership Training Academy.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.

Atour is a first generation Assyrian American, who was born and raised on the north side of Chicago and Lincolnwood.  She has been active in her community throughout her life.  Atour first served her community by teaching the Assyrian language to Chicagoland youths.  She then expanded her involvement by volunteering and serving on the board of several non-profit, student, and community organizations.  Most recently, she was an Execute Board member of Vote Assyrian, an organization that promotes civic engagement amongst Assyrians in Illinois. Atour currently serves as a member of 8th District State Senator Ram Villivalam’s Multicultural Advisory Committee and is on the Advisory Board of AMVOTE PAC. She currently lives in Lincolnwood with her husband, Peter, and their two children, Sophie and Raman.

“The Assyrian Policy Institute has been a leading and innovative organization representing the needs of Assyrian people worldwide,” said Atour. “API’s Board members and staff provide effective data and reports used for policy recommendations and advocacy, giving a voice to the otherwise unseen and unheard Assyrians, who are a vulnerable minority in their indigenous lands. Furthermore, they have been a driving force behind numerous community building events and programs that have added immense knowledge, positivity, and growth within the Assyrian and international community. It is with great pleasure that I join the Board of Directors. Serving the Assyrian community has always been a priority for me and I believe that I bring a unique skill set that will contribute to the advancement of this esteemed institution.”

Ramond Takhsh, Esq is a dynamic leader and seasoned community organizer. He holds a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University Law School in Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of California Berkeley. He is a managing partner at CTK Law Group in Los Angeles.

Ramond was born in London, England. His family immigrated to the United States when he was seven years old. He was raised by parents deeply passionate about Assyrian language and cultural identity. As he grew older, the sense of messaging, urgency, and mission related to the Assyrian cause with which he had been raised resonated more deeply. He continued on the path his parents had helped to forge, ultimately growing into a leadership role at the Assyrian American Association of Southern California (AAASC). Ramond went on to serve as president of the AAASC from 2016 to 2020, where he spearheaded important statewide legislative initiatives among the organization’s other priorities. Under his leadership, the AAASC expanded its mission, added a variety of educational and outreach programs, and improved relations with local elected officials—serving as a liaison between the local Assyrian American community and their representatives.

“In just a short period of time, the Assyrian Policy Institute has become a leading voice for our people in our ancestral homelands,” said Ramond. “From reports detailing election abuses, deficiencies in security, and land confiscations to organizing policy conferences and advocacy efforts, the work of the API truly does speak for itself. After a brief time away from Assyrian activism, I’m honored to join the API team and help build on this invaluable work."

Founded in May 2018, the Assyrian Policy Institute works to support Assyrians as they struggle to maintain their rights to the lands they have inhabited for thousands of years, their ancient language, equal opportunities in education and employment, and to full participation in public life. Learn more about the API by visiting us online at

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