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Day 7: Observing Assyrian Remembrance Day

August 7th is observed annually by Assyrians as Assyrian Remembrance Day to honor the memory of all those Assyrians who have fallen victim to genocide, other mass atrocities, and persecution as a result of their distinct ethnic and religious identity. Notably, the day commemorates the victims of the Assyrian Genocide (1914-1923) and the Simele Massacre (1933). It is also known as Assyrian Martyrs Day. August 7, 1933 marks the date that the Simele Massacre began, during which the armed forces of the Kingdom of Iraq systematically targeted and killed as many as 6,000 Assyrians—continuing the legacy of persecution exemplified by the earlier Assyrian Genocide. The day also underlines the shared responsibility to seek justice for the atrocities committed against Assyrians.

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Hold a moment of silence

Take a moment today to pause and reflect on the suffering of the Assyrian people over the course of the last century, honoring the memory of those lost and the perseverance of those who survived.

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Read and share statements from elected officials

Check API social media platforms for statements from U.S. Representatives and other elected officials marking Assyrian Remembrance Day. We are @assyrianpolicy on all platforms.


Make plans to attend an Aug. 7 commemoration

August 7 is a day of remembrance for the Assyrian community. Attend a commemoration event online or in your city. Click the link below for a list of options.

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