The Assyrian Policy Institute campaigns for the rights of Assyrians in their ancestral homeland.

We're working to bring about necessary changes to the policies and systems that stand in the way of a future for Assyrians in the Middle East.


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Ongoing Turkish military operations against the PKK in northern Iraq threatens the future of Assyrians in affected areas.


Lasting instability and security threats in the Nineveh Plain threatens the future of Iraq's indigenous Assyrian population.


A loophole in Iraqi electoral law has consistently enabled powerful non-minority parties to exploit the quota system.

The Assyrian Policy Institute supports Assyrians as they struggle to maintain their rights to the lands they have inhabited for thousands of years, their ancient language, equal opportunities in education and employment, and to full participation in public life.

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The API conducts fact-finding missions in the countries that form the traditional Assyrian homeland in order to document and assess the issues affecting Assyrians. Findings and analysis are published in authoritative reports that are valuable to policymakers, academics, and journalists.


The API actively engages U.S. government officials and representatives to advance policies that align with our policy research agenda. We utilize various strategies to influence the creation and development of public policy that impacts Assyrians in the countries that form their traditional homeland. We take targeted actions aimed at changing policies, positions, programs, and/or funding priorities of the government.


Through strategic initiatives, media campaigns, and events, the API fosters public awareness about the challenges facing Assyrians. The API creates opportunities for meaningful engagement on Assyrian issues.